Microsoft blow expectations out the roof in E3 2011

EA had a little segment in this conference (although they are going to have their own event in … 20 mins. Mr.Peter Moore was very confident as he announced EA sports will have 3 kinect titles coming later this year, those including Tiger woods PGA tour, Fifa 12 and Madden.

but for you non-sports fans there was sims3 kinect compatibility and the announcement of family game night 4. He also had a little something something from Bioware in the from of Mass Effect 3 with new kinect voice compatibility,through choosing what you are going to say in dialogue parts or in combat where you can now tell Garrus to “move out”.

Sporting its usual behind the shoulder gameplay, and with some new melee combat and moves. As per usual graphics are looking top notch, along with the bigger and bader bosses excitement is at an all time high!

More will be seen About Mass Effect i the EA event later on tonight.

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