Microsoft blow expectations out the roof in E3 2011

Moving on to some more interesting news, About some 2months ago Xbox had a feature allowing you to “give” your Xbox (remotely) to a team of kinect testers. From all The data and testing gathered Kinectfunlabs was born

Being somewhat like googlelabs for gmail, it allows you to get extra features created by either indie developers or some in-house programs. They showed of a feature allowing you to “scan” an object back and front and then see it on kinect and miipulate it with your gestures. They also commented that you could scan “a car”. How is one thing, why is an other.

Also featured was a drwaing tool that lets you take a picture of your self and “draw” in 3D space, was cool but other then that nothing really impressive. This is now live for all live members, so go and check that out.

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