L.A Noir on shelves tomorrow

The critically acclaimed L.A Noir will be releasing tomorrow the 17th of May in the U.S.A & will be making its European début on the 20th May (coincidently the same day as the Fable 3 port for the PC). Expect some nice screen shots and a nice little review for the new member to the open-world genre. (By the kings of open world: Rockstar)

Seb Rausi.

3 thoughts on “L.A Noir on shelves tomorrow

  1. Paul Zammit

    It’s not really open world, it’s story driven. And it’s no match with GTA’s open world and RDR’s!

    Then again, I’m enjoying it.

  2. sebrausi Post author

    Yes it is a story based game but you can just turn them off and have a bit of fun, obviously it doesn’t par to GTA in terms of down right fun but as you said it is a great experience all round

  3. sebrausi Post author

    Please people bear with me as right now i have got pretty important exams, but you can expect the review late June- early July.
    AND it will be a joined effort with Emmanuel 😀


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