COD Modern Warfare 3 Super Leak

For those Activision fan-boys out there this could be a blessing or a curse because Kotaku have gotten their hands on A LOT of info about the upcoming COD title, whether or not you read it is up to you, no spoilers here so its safe to read on.

Seriously this is one of the biggest leaks since half-life two … ok maybe not THAT bad, but still. The info includes what seems to be everything, where the story picks up, what the objectives are, locations, characters literally everything. It even Talks about the locations and modes of multiplayer.

This is set to be one of the biggest games of 2011, with a direct rival in the form of Battlefield 3 maybe this was a major plot by Activision to re-take all the attention, but on a leak this size its highly doubtable.

However no one really knows for sure, maybe AV will be having the last laugh at E3, all this could be a total lie to cover up for some space FPS or a prologue to the events that occurred, but what’s sure is that it’s a lot of info that seems to be plausible.

Whether you read on the article or not is your choice but please do tell us what you thing Activision is up to or is that was a major security fail in the comments .

Seb Rausi.

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