The Battle For Alfa Romeo.

Martin Winterkorn, CEO of the Volkswagon Group, revealed late last year that they would be interested in buying Alfa Romeo off Fiat, if they ever decided to sell.

However, as time has progressed, it seems as though that Mr.Winterkorn seem to be a bit more than interested in this fiercely Italian brand. Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Chrysler and Fiat, has said that as long as he is CEO of Fiat, Volkswagon will never obtain Alfa Romeo under their wing. Mr.Marchionne has argued that Volswagon has Seat to take care of, a car brand which, in the past, was known for its sportier models, but has however become a more average mainstream car manufacturer.

Today, news has surfaced that Volkswagon already has plans for Alfa Romeo, if they were to purchase this company from Fiat. The plan states that Alfa Romeo would get direct help from Porsche, such as providing the new flat-four engine which is being developed for the new baby Boxter. Such an engine could potentially find its place in mainstream Alfas, whilst also setting it apart from the rest of the VW’s mainstream cars.

VW also says that Alfa Romeo could help VW become the largest car manufacturing group by 2018. Mr.Marchionne has shrugged off such reports, saying the reports were a “fantasy”.

If, however, Fiat do sell Alfa Romeo, could this spell the end for such an iconic brand? Or will it prosper better than before, as VW is currently saying? Personally, I believe such a deal could be potentially catastrophic to Alfa, as the brand will lose all its character, becoming yet another VW spinoff.


3 thoughts on “The Battle For Alfa Romeo.

  1. sebrausi

    what are VW swiming in money? do they literally have nothing better to do then waste millions designing plans on something that will never happen? comon pftt

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